trisha jones

Years ago, Trisha Jones read a book, Annie’s Rainbow,  and today she is fulfilling the dream that story inspired. In early  June, Jones will open Artfully Baked & Brewed, a special gathering  place that will feature coffee, tea, baked items, breakfast and light  lunches. As a first-time entrepreneur, Jones is excited about what she  is creating and believes that its uniqueness and warm atmosphere will  fill a void in Hot Springs Village.


Sonya farmer

Coming  from a large family in the Mississippi Delta, Sonya’s parents worked  hard and counted on her to pitch in to help with the meals. Sonya will  be the first to credit her mother for showing her the fine art of  baking. Many family and friends would make excuses to stop by for a  visit just to have coffee and whatever delicious desserts her mother had  prepared. Sonya’s fondest memories are of the fresh baked aroma of  cakes, pies, cookies, pastries, and of course, coffee that filled the  home on the weekends and holidays when the family was all together. 

Becoming  a chef was more of a dream than a goal for Sonya, but her love for the  kitchen has always been her passion. When her dream of becoming a chef  was within reach, Sonya took hold and didn’t look back.


michelle nagode

Michelle  Nagode is our 30-year-old Barista who grew up in Dallas, Texas and has  lived in Hot Springs Village for the last 5 years. She has been working  with coffee on and off for over 3 years and loves to express herself by  crafting a beautiful cup of coffee and topping it off with special latte  art. 

Michelle  has an extensive musical background and finds singing while she works  to be a genuine pleasure. When she’s not making coffee magic or singing,  she enjoys cooking, baking, drawing, and spending time with her  10-year-old son, her boyfriend, and their two cats.